How we work


How we produce the Dolcetto , Barbera, Nebbiolo wines in our cellar of Rigo Wines Estate in Diano d'Alba in the heart of the Langhe hills ?

We would like to tell you that we work " as long ago " to produce our Piedmontese quality wines,  but it would not be true, we are a bit 'arrogant' and we thought to work better than it used to  do “as long ago” that’s because we do not have forgotten how it worked in the past but we  have combing the old teachings of our old people of the Langhe and the innovations of new  technologies.

For this reason, we got lots of steel casks in our cellars, but not forgetting the wooden wine casks  and barriques , which gives some (not all, we do not like too woody ) unique smells and tastes;  we have dedicated a special room to a wooden ageing that thanks to its constant humidity and  temperature provides a perfect exchange between interior and exterior of the barrels.

We spend the day, depending on the season, in our vineyards and in our cellar of Diano d'Alba,  we are often engaged in trade fairs and events, we like to produce wines , but we also like to  promote our products, we are happy when our work is appreciated and awarded by customers. This is a source of great pride for us.

We love to have a break for a tasting in our cellar, the wine for us is not only a job but above all, is  a passion, is love for the Langhe land , and for its most prestigious product, the wine.