ospitalitaIf you are planning a tour in the Langhe region and if you like a wine tasting in the cellar, you can contact us directly and we’ll be glad to have you as our guests to taste our wines: Dolcetto,  Barbera, Nebbiolo, Arneis amd Chardonnay, we have a small friendly room adjacent to the cellar where we usually host our guests, that after a couple of glasses become our friends!

Our glasses and our bottles are always ready, but if you are so kind to give us a notice we can also prepare some traditional culinary delights of the Langhe and if you are planning to come in a large group we can arrange for you a wine tasting tour with our wines and foods.

For me and for my father Secondo the hospitality is sacred and a visit to our cellars will be a pleasant moment to be keep in our memory;

And if ,after a wines tasting , you might like to buy our wines we sell them directly in the winery at a very attractive prices both in bottle or magnum , and if you like we can have also the very large  size called “damigiana” . But some of our top class wines are only available in bottles sizes.

If you are looking for suggestion about Bed and Breakfast, Hotel and Restaurant in our beautiful  region we will be happy to assist you in choosing your pleasantly stay.