The Land, the Langhe

The Langhe is our home which we deeply love

Our wine cellar is situated in Alba, on the border of Diano d’Alba, a small town known for the quality of its wines. Alba is the financial and touristic capital of our area. From the main central square of Alba, renamed as Michele Ferrero, you can follow a road that leads you to that part of the Langhe so loved by the writer Beppe Fenoglio, and also to our wine cellar.

The distance between the city centre of Alba, starting from the Ferrero square, and our cellar is a mere 6km; 10 minutes by car.

We’re grateful for the possibility to live and work in an area so rich in human and natural resources and try to express our gratitude through a great respect for the land.

Spring, Summer,
Autumn or Winter.
When for the Langhe?

The Langhe are always incredible

There is no ideal season to visit the Langhe. Every season holds its own unique magic that never ceases to amaze.

During the springtime, the Langhe is reborn and enhanced by a bright, vivid green, whereas in summer it is a blaze of warmth often accompanied by a welcomed evening breeze. The autumn offers a magnificent patchwork view of golds and deep reds, due to the grape harvests, which have always been much celebrated in the Langhe, whereas the winter is a time of peace and rest, often buried beneath a thick blanket of snow, in preparation for the rebirth in spring.