Green Experience? Yes, and much more

Come and see for yourselves that sustainability for us is not just a brand.

We decided to take part in “The Green Experience”, a network of Piedmontese wine producers who believe in the philosophy of green viticulture, reconsidered in a sustainable manner.

The project was launched by Coldiretti (the Italian national farmers’ union) and we immediately appreciated it since the start as it requires one to follow the ten rules which are the base of The Green Experience: eco-friendly solutions and reduction of the use of chemical products in favour of agronomic natural ones.

Although we believed it useful to support the project, we decided to follow the strict rules regarding sustainability long before we decided to take part in The Green Experience.

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do” (Barbara Ward)

Sustainability at 360°, 365 days a year

For us “sustainability” means not only a moderate use of chemical products in the vineyards, but respect for nature 360°.

We do our best to protect biodiversity, the natural environment and the landscape’s natural beauty that surrounds us, also by sowing herbal and floral essences in the vineyards.

When possible, we go out of our way to encourage the spreading of useful insects, and place bird nests for birds believed to be helpful to cultivation.